Definition of GRITS

Grits: (noun, food) a dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water or milk aka something that all Southerners eat with breakfast food, yet tastes like sand covered in butter and glue

GRITS: (noun, people) acronym for girls raised in the south. Women who say y’all, love Jesus, always speak the truth, and know the importance of family and fried food

When brainstorming ideas for a blog name, we wanted something that described who we are as individuals and as a team. My mom raised me in the same small North Carolina town that she grew up in, which makes us both grits. We both love different aspects of southern culture. Mom sticks closer to the preppy, classy southern side with interests in etiquette, thank you notes, tea parties, and pearls.


I, on the other hand, love any and all farm animals, gardening, college basketball (Go Duke), sweet tea, and all things monogrammed.


The other part of our name came from our desire to “get real” with blog readers. We want to put our truest and most honest selves forward so that others can have a blog they relate to, that reminds them that life isn’t always sunny. Other bloggers seem to have it all. All the right clothes, the right make up, the right boyfriend. But we know that’s only one side of the coin. wants to promote real women, real life, and really funny, genuine moments from our mother-daughter relationship.


One thought on “Definition of GRITS

  1. Wonderful idea! Your mom would be super proud of this adventure! A true blessing in life is wonderful mother and daughters! Excited to follow you!


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