Let’s Get Real: A Note from Karla

Hi!  Senior Grit here…….aka Karla!!  When my daughter Claire asked me to partner with her for the blog, I questioned what I could really bring to the table.  I have been following a lot of bloggers for a few years now and I realized that all of them are 25-35 years of age.  They have great content, promote wonderful products, and share great style ideas for fashion and the home………..but was I really connecting with them? Was I buying any of the products they were promoting?  What advice was I applying to my life that they were giving?  The answer is……….No, no and none!


I will be turning 50 years old later this year and at this stage in life have more wisdom, experience and knowledge about ‘life after 40’ than any 30 year old blogger.  Yes I want to improve my skin, look good in my clothes and apply great lifestyle tips to my every day………but can I do that with the same products and advice a much younger  lady is using and giving; no!  I love the clothes and accessories these bloggers photograph for their sites; but let’s be honest…………..their dresses are cute but too short for a 50 year old (where are these cute dresses in a length 6 inches longer?), their shoes are too high (for comfort level), and lord knows the products they promote REAL women can’t afford.  I recently clicked through to a link for a dress that a blogger was promoting and it was over $300.00…….it wasn’t THAT special of a dress.  Listen, I am at a stage in my life where I am paying for college and still supporting older children; I do NOT have $300.00 to spend on a dress.  And honestly, if I did have that much money I don’t think I would spend it on a dress.  After all, girls raised in the south (aka GRITS) know the value of a dollar.  And it’s all about priorities………because I just MIGHT spend $300.00 on wrinkle cream if you swore to me it worked!!

So I hope you will all be happy to know that I will be sharing products I have used that work, products that don’t, clothes that look stylish, make me feel confident, and are affordable!  Claire and I also want to promote stores, brands and places around North Carolina!  We love our state!!  So stayed tuned for posts on a new skincare line that I love (and it’s WAY affordable), a fun custom shampoo that I ordered, and a post on the lost art of thank you notes and the hand written note!!

With gratitude,


Senior Grit

8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real: A Note from Karla

  1. Enjoying your Blog with Claire. I am 50 today, so I hear you about marketing for the earlier decades. Looking forward to more posts.


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