Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific

I am a firm believer that there is no magic shampoo that is going to make you love the hair you were born with or completely transform the problems you are having with your hair.  The goal is to have clean hair that is moisturized and doesn’t look dry and frizzy but doesn’t look flat and lifeless either…… matter the texture, color or weight of your hair.  I think we can all agree that we have tried every shampoo out there at one time or another.  My personal favorite was ‘Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific’ back in the 80’s!!  Fast forward 30 years+ later and I am still trying new shampoos.  While I have tried products that definitely made my hair too soft or didn’t moisturize enough, I have also used a lot of products that I liked.


Before Christmas, my daughter sent me a link to a company I had never heard of before!  Did you know that you could custom order shampoo??  No?  Me either!!!  Function of Beauty is a personalized hair care company that allows you to custom order products specifically for your hair type.  Custom sets start as low as $36.00 with FREE shipping!!  You KNOW you have paid that for shampoo and conditioner before so why not give it a shot, right??


Function of karla

I immediately started the hair quiz and ordered my shampoo.  These products come with your name right on the bottle!!  Keep in mind this is a custom order so you aren’t going to have the product as quick as you do your Amazon orders!!! It took about two and a half weeks for mine to arrive.

I was impressed with the packaging and LOVED that mine were pink in color!!  You get to choose your color when ordering, as well as the scent.  And having my name on each bottle was an added perk!  There is nothing like having your own monogrammed shampoo in the shower, right ladies?  I have been using the product for about six weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised.

Is this the magic potion that I have been searching for to miraculously make me have Cindy Crawford hair?  NO!  Does it work as good as any other higher priced shampoo that I have tried?  YES!  So if you want a fun product that actually works give Function of Beauty a try.

Kathleen Barnes, writer of the blog Carrie Bradshaw Lied, just posted last week that she has just received her bottles of Function of Beauty.  I can’t wait to read her review in the coming weeks.  If you do not follow Kathleen on her blog, Instagram (carriebradshawlied) and Snapchat (cblied), you are missing out!!

With Gratitude,



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