Southern Comfort: Blanket Scarf How-To

How To Wear Your Blanket Scarf 3 Ways

Always begin with folding your scarf corner to corner to make a big triangle

Everyone knows the “traditional” blanket scarf style, but sometimes the bulkiness can be too much. I took to Pinterest to aid me in mixing up my blanket scarf look and found a few styles to make your outfit seem entirely different.


Add A Belt

  • If you have a belt handy, fold your scarf “triangle” over until it is one long piece.
  • Then, put it around your neck with both sides hanging down and wrap your belt around your waist to hold the scarf in place
  • This look is best paired with a dress



The Poncho Look


  • This can be worn with either a dress or blouse; this look shows off most of the scarf, resembling a shirt or cardigan
  • Leave out the belt to use the blanket as a wrap




  • Cute Blanket Scarves found here (best and widest selection)
  • T-shirt dress at Old Navy (less than $15!!)
  • Beaded belts from Francesca’s are my fave and are great for those who like a little bling
  • Knee high boots at Altar’d State (less than $30)




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