Everyone Wants A Big Booty: Lessons on Loving Yourself

I have a big butt.

And I cannot lie. (Sorry, I had to.)

Fun fact: My mom told me that even though I was really small as a baby, the biggest thing about me was my butt. So, I guess it’s just inevitable that it’ll always be big.

For most of my life I have been self conscious about this. I always felt like it was disproportionate to the rest of my body and definitely noticed in elementary, middle, and high school that it made me different from all the other skinny, athletic girls.

As I overcame an eating problem and other self-esteem issues in high school, I began to learn the importance of loving myself no matter what, and have focused less on the parts of my body I wish were different.

However, lately I have discovered something very surprising: EVERYONE WANTS A BIGGER BUTT.

Every time I read a magazine, go on social media, or turn on the TV, there’s something about “how to get a bigger butt”, “butt implants”, “bigger butt exercises”, and the list goes on. And don’t get me started on the “belfie” (aka the butt selfie). No one wants to see your almost bare butt no matter now nice it is. It’s okay to be confident in your physical appearance, but there’s no need to diminish your self respect by showing off naked parts. It makes no sense. I have spent my whole life thinking my big butt was frowned upon and now all of a sudden it’s cool to have one??

I mean, I’m flattered. I don’t have to try at all to have a big butt. Lord knows I don’t do “big butt exercises”. I literally wake up like this. It’s effortless.

So now I know what it feels like to have what everyone wants, and it feels good, it feels great. For once, I am the girl that doesn’t have to diet or change herself to be what it’s “cool”, “beautiful” or “attractive” to be.

But, moral of the story is, this phase will end, and then the world will go back to wanting smaller butts, and everyone who worked so hard to have a bigger one, will then have to work their butts off (for real for real) to become what everyone wants again.

So, no matter what fad, phase, or trend the world is promoting at the time, always love yourself and your body. Because one day your big butt will be in, and the next day it’s out, and all the time you spent worrying about it was pointless.


Claire Davie

4 thoughts on “Everyone Wants A Big Booty: Lessons on Loving Yourself

  1. I must add another comment….This could also apply to the hardly butts out there…not mentioning any names because it might hurt my feelings! HeHe!

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