Aging Gracefully


If you are under 40, please proceed with caution.  This is not meant to scare you!

Aging gracefully……………… what men do naturally and what women desire more than anything. Well let me tell you my two cents worth!!  There is NO SUCH THING!  Sorry to burst your bubble but ‘aging gracefully’ is not a physical achievement it’s a STATE OF MIND!  Yes, there are those women you see in a store or at the shopping center and you say ‘wow, I hope I look that good when I am her age’!  Those women are born with some incredible genes and they should be extremely grateful.  However, the majority of us have to work to keep these bodies presentable.

Let’s be honest, we all have that one or two physical attributes that we loathe about ourselves.  For me, it depends on the day and what kind of mood I am in as to which body part I am hating on!  Picture this (for those of you just turning 40………….Flashback for those of us nearing 50 or over), you wake up on your 43rd birthday,  you had heard the horror stories of what happens to your body, hair and skin after 40 but you are one of the lucky ones and haven’t noticed any changes at all.  You lazily make your way to the bathroom to wash your face and prepare for the day.  Then………… you awaken ever so slowly you think you must be dreaming.  There on your face are several wrinkles that were NOT there the day before.  Your skin seems to be sagging and lost all elasticity.  Your neck looks aged and your hair has no life……….not to mention where did those six pounds you gained over night come from???

Yes…………welcome to the club!!  There is no turning back the clock ladies.  All of the summers in the 80’s spent tanning with baby oil while lying on a foil mat have come back to haunt you.  You frantically read all articles and advertisements for every wrinkle cream and face & neck moisturizers that are on the market.  You search high and low for that miracle diet that still allows you to eat just as you do now and not exercise and lose weight.  You buy the most expensive shampoos and products to liven up your hair.  All to your dismay………….none of them are working the miracles you need.

You have all done it………….admit it now!!  If I had all the money I have spent on my face and hair the last 7 years I could take the most amazing trip you could imagine.  Say this aloud with me:  “There are no miracle wrinkle creams!  There is no miracle diet that allows me to eat whatever I want and NOT exercise.  There is no product out there that will get my skin back to the way it looked when I was 32 years old.”

But don’t despair………there are some things you can do to be the best you in the moment.

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. PORTION CONTROL LADIES!!!!  You may used to have been able to eat it all……now you can’t……….so don’t!!
  3. Choose to be really healthy at least one meal a day……and don’t ruin it by over eating the other two meals
  4. Exercise is never bad for you.  But if you are like me you will start obsessing over how you will fit it into the day, start dreading going to the gym or get in a twit when you weren’t able to make it to the gym one day.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Exercise three times a week, if you want to do it 7 days then do it!!  Do what works for you.  Just get off the couch!  Walk around the block with your neighbor, do jumping jacks and sit ups each night before bed.  It isn’t rocket science, just start somewhere.  You won’t feel worse that’s for sure!
  5. Sunscreen!! We should have been wearing it in the 80’s……but we did not!  So wear it now!
  6. Do not tan!!! We all know it’s not good.  Yes, we look better with color, but don’t do it.  If you have to have color by all means go get a spray tan.
  7. Love yourself and the body you were given. Your body is a product of the years of happiness, love, trials, sadness, trauma, joy, stress and life that you have lived.  Wear it proudly!

To lighten the mood I do want to share with you a skin care line that I have been using for about six weeks and love it.  It is a miracle product?….no!  Does my skin feel better and look brighter?……yes!  Is this product affordable?  YES!!!!  Believe me I have tried them all.  This one I really like!


I recently visited Ulta and asked the sales girl what product they had that would be moisturizing and would not break my wallet.  I told her I would love for the product to be void of parabens and not ten different products.  I want to simplify my bathroom counter, not add to the madness.   She immediately introduced me to Julep.  A skincare line that Sephora has been carrying for about 10 years but Ulta has just recently started selling.  Here is a link to the products:


I have read many blogs about using oil as a cleanser.  I was very skeptical at first to cleanse my face with oil but have been pleasantly surprised at how clean my skin feels and how bright my face is after using these products.  And it’s a bonus that the sponge you use with the cleanser is a great exfoliator.  And at this price I feel no guilt at all for purchasing the products.  If you have sensitive skin then I would not use the sponge every night, just a few times a week.

My one guilty pleasure is, however, my eye cream.  If you are going to splurge on anything it should be the eye cream.  I have been using Clarins Eye Cream (link hereSuper Restorative Total Eye Concentrate) for about three months and have noticed a big difference in the lines under my eyes.  Is it a miracle cream?  NO!  But it has worked better than anything I have tried.  It is expensive ladies….shhhhh, that’s our little secret!!!

I have found that talking to my friends about how I am feeling and knowing that they are dealing with the same issues is quite comforting.  Join forces to face these years together!!  Support each other and share knowledge of what is working for you and what isn’t.  Strength in numbers my friends!!

I would love to hear what products you are using and what is working for your skin!!

With Gratitude,


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