Friday Favorites: Claire’s Skin Care & Make Up

1.) Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser: I started using Philosophy a little over a year ago and I can definitely tell that my face feels and looks more fresh and clean. I use this after I take my make up off- it’s more effective than just using a make up wipe and will remove the oils the wipe leaves on your face.


2.) Philosophy Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer: I have always had the hardest time finding a moisturizer that I like because they feel heavy on my face or make my skin oily. However, this moisturizer is so light & airy and makes my face refreshed. It’s expensive, but the small bottle to try it out is only $16 and it will last over a month.

3.) Eye Shadow Crayons: I am obsessed with eye shadow crayons and will never go back to regular powder eye shadow. They are so easy to use AND they are much more visible on your eye than regular shadow. I like the crayon by jouer cosmetics because they have a little sparkle. Also, Laura Mercier  is another favorite because this brand offers any color and shade you may want. 


4.) Chanel Foundation: I actually did not start wearing foundation until I was 21 (oops), but I’m so glad my first was Chanel. I know it’s pricey, but it’s so smooth on my face and doesn’t clump or make it obvious that I’m wearing it (which is what we’re supposed to aim for, right?)

5.) Eyeliner Brush: If you use eyeliner sticks and pencils stop now because using a brush is so much better for many reasons: 1. It’s easier to control and is more precise 2. You only need to buy one brush because you can use it over and over with any shade (I use eyeshadow for my liner) 3. You won’t need to waste $$ on a bunch of different colors and sticks



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