Friday Favorites: Books for People Who Love Other People

I have been a total book nerd for most of my life, and thanks to college, I’m well-read on various topics. My favorite go-to “genre”, however, includes any and all books that discuss helping other people (friendship/relationship improvement, self-improvement for the sake of others, etc.) If you find it easy to love and show compassion to others, and you’re constantly seeking a way to sharpen these skills, here’s a list of books you’ll never get your nose out of:

1.) Scary Close by Donald Miller

Miller is a Christian author who’s all about discovering yourself to reach one’s full potential. In Scary Close, he puts an emphasis on something many of us stray from today-getting close enough with others to show who we really are, including all of our unwanted or undesired traits. In a society that focuses on revealing our “happy lives” through Instagram and Facebook posts, we can all learn from Miller that vulnerability and transparency make for the best most solid relationships.


2.) Helping People Through Grief by Delores Kuenning

As odd of a topic as this may seem, a lot of people could probably admit that they’ve been in a situation where they did not know how to comfort a hurting person. If you love true stories, then you’ll love Kenning’s book, which is full of stories about death, disease, divorce and other loss. You’ll also find practical and useful ways to help and comfort loved ones that may face these same hardships.


3.) Inside the Criminal Mind by Stanton Samenow

You may be asking “why on earth is this on the list?”, but like I said…this is for the compassionate, so be willing to stretch your heart out to those who normally don’t receive the kind of love and acceptance we show everyone else. Inside the Criminal Mind does not focus on the acts of the criminal, but focuses on the person. Samenow explores how those who commit crimes may be shaped to do so by their economic, cultural, familial, and ethnic backgrounds. This book will allow you to see past the label of “criminal” and will hopefully deepen your compassion for all people.


4.) Diversity and End of Life Care by Hospice Foundation

Here I am again with death and grief BUT this is an issue I think society runs away from as fast as possible due to the uncertainty of how to handle death and talk about it. This book explores death/grief through the eyes of various cultures and religions, and can help you open up doors of conversation with your loved ones about these circumstances that may seem beyond your control.

Recommendations from Friends

  • Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk
  • When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fickert
  • Loveology by John Mark Comer

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