Southern Comfort: Wrap Dress Dreams


Spring has arrived and so has the wrap dress trend. I loved this dress the moment I put it on and patiently waited for the weather to warm up enough to wear it around town. Plus, it’s so pretty and makes me feel feminine. The floppy hat I bought unexpectedly while thrift shopping, and if you keep scrolling you’ll find out why this “flawless” hat caught my eye.



Floppy hat story: A couple weeks ago I was talking with a close friend about making a big decision, with which my main concern was how the decision would affect other people. She told me, “Claire, you have to be your own biggest fan.” Meaning that as long as I was confident in my decision and felt peace about it, it didn’t matter how anyone else would react because that was out of my control. There’s definitely a line between confidence and conceit, however, standing up for yourself, loving your personal choices, admitting you feel pretty in a new dress, or even wearing a hat that says FLAWLESS are completely acceptable when you are your own biggest fan.


Told you I loved these Franco Sarto shoes and would wear them with everything. 😉


Dress from Francesca’s ❤


Another bonus: This dress is amazingly comfy, and if you know me you know that’s the only thing that matters ❤


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