Grad Girl Diaries #2: Adulting Sucks

If you think this post is just another millennial complaining about having to pay bills, or schedule appointments without the help of her mom, then you can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief, because I’m actually going to complain about the actual word: “adulting”.

First of all, as a proud member of the grammar police, adulting is not even a real word.

When people first started using it, I thought it was funny. Transitioning from a dependent student with tests to study for and papers to write to an adult with real problems is pretty scary. And when you add also being a student with tests, papers, and other responsibilities like two jobs on top of all the real problems it seems basically impossible.

But now I’m annoyed with it, because the word carries such a negative connotation. What’s wrong with growing up, anyways?

You lived past 21. Congratulations. That’s exciting. You have so much more life to live. You get to go after your dreams, not have your parents tell you what to do or who to be, marry a total hottie (who loves the Lord, obviously), and adopt some kids (or have your own, if you’re into that). God will work in new ways, change you, shape you, and introduce you to new dreams and goals. Sure you will have bills, and things will go wrong, but what else is new?

You get to live. And that’s better than the alternative. Don’t get stuck in hating a stage of life, because you might miss it. You deserve better- you get one life, so live it.

There are people who need to be loved by you. And places that need to be impacted by you. One day we’ll be out of the in-between stages of life, but don’t miss out on the now.

Quit waiting for an invitation. Go live your life. – Bob Goff

With honest love,


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