Get Growing

On Thursdays we sit in the same classroom from 9-5, so I do a lot of wishing I was somewhere else.

But today in the middle of our sex class (yup, there’s a class for that) we had a discussion about connection, intimacy, and everything it takes to grow as a person.

It turns out that a lot of marriages fail because change is needed, and for change to happen growth needs to happen, and growth is painful.

Even if what is on the other side of growth is far better than what we are or what we have now, we often risk staying the same for our own comfort.

The past year has been the most painful, most uncomfortable year of my life. I am confidently quiet. I am an introvert. And I love my comfort zone.

And becoming a therapist has threatened every inch of that.

As I challenged myself to be more present today when I began to daydream about everything else I could be doing if grad school weren’t in my way, I reflected on all the ways it has been my way.

The last year has forced me out of my comfort zone daily, exposed insecurities I didn’t even know I had, invited me into deep, meaningful relationships, challenged me to be vulnerable and truly known, and has taught me how use my voice because I deserve to be heard.

I hardly recognize myself, because the person I am now is not the comfortable person that moved to Greenville a year ago. Although I’m currently a work in progress, a rough draft of the person I want to be, I now find myself going out of my way to be in uncomfortable situations (or even create them) where I know growth is possible.

Pushing myself through the process of growth to reap the benefits has been exhausting, but worth it.

Nothing blooms year round, but I’m thankful to get growing.

With honest love,

Claire Davie

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