The Handwritten Note

Nothing excites me more than going to the mailbox and finding and envelope with my name on it.  It feels like Christmas morning when you notice a colored envelope with your name handwritten in a familiar pen.  I find myself tearing open the envelope even before I get back to my house.  My mind immediately … Continue reading The Handwritten Note

Aging Gracefully

If you are under 40, please proceed with caution.  This is not meant to scare you! Aging gracefully……………… what men do naturally and what women desire more than anything. Well let me tell you my two cents worth!!  There is NO SUCH THING!  Sorry to burst your bubble but ‘aging gracefully’ is not a physical … Continue reading Aging Gracefully

You Asked, We Answered: Mother-Daughter Questions

How do you keep a healthy mother-daughter relationship without crossing the line of being 'friends'? Claire: It's true that I call my mom my best friend. I know that I can tell her anything and confide in her when I need advice or guidance. As her daughter I understand the importance of staying respectful towards … Continue reading You Asked, We Answered: Mother-Daughter Questions